March 9, 2022


How To Take Care Of Customers: A Detailed Guide From Jenfi (2022)

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One of the critical determinators that help businesses succeed is taking care of their customers. Although customer care plays a vital role, people tend to underestimate this post-sale stage because it is easy to do. 

So, what is the primary mission of the customer care stage, and is this type of work really as easy as many are perceiving? Let’s discover the authentic way to take care of a customer and the best ways to make them satisfied in today’s article.

What is customer care?

Simply put, customer care is solving problems from your users, including answering their inquiries, explaining the product’s details, etc., to satisfy their demands. This stage happens before, during, and after your users take purchasing actions.

Customer care not only helps customers but, in fact, is a great way to build your business reputation and professionalism. Your company can improve sales revenue and possess more extensive loyal fans by doing it correctly.

Currently, intensive efforts and resources are put into this activity to achieve the two growing goals we discussed.

Now, let’s observe four popular ways to take care of your customers and learn the best tips to do this properly in the below section.

Four popular ways of customer care

Direct customer care

Meeting with the customer directly and giving them proper consulting is traditional, but the benefits are undeniable. When the customers get the consultation in person, they will feel comfortable and start to trust the company. 

At the same time, the consultants can also quickly understand the customer’s demands and their hidden problems and eventually offer them the best solutions. 

An excellent way to do this is to organize a customer’s meeting day to take care of the existing ones and attract new audiences. Besides, this can also help your company raise its reputation by giving professional consultation. 

Tele customer care 

Another traditional approach is giving your customer a hotline number, so your company supporting clerk can discuss with them in time. Because telephone calling is very convenient nowadays, we can do this anywhere, anytime.

Customer care with SMS and email support

Another popular way for your company to consider is using email or SMS in responding and supporting your customers. Although this way is convenient, it does not guarantee that your customer’s problems can be resolved timely.

Educational resources for customer support

Thanks to its convenience and feasibility, numerous businesses are now opting for this method. The customers can seek research information whenever they want at their preferred time zone, as long as they have an internet connection. 

The resources also combine with AI to assist them in finding the best solution proactively. However, this automatic method can’t tell us whether the customers are pleased with the company’s products and services or not.

So, what skill sets a great customer consultant should have?

Four vital skills to take care of your customer.

Your customer support staff should have different skills to get your customer the highest satisfaction and maximize business benefits.

Communication skills

Excellent communication helps both parties feel comfortable and willing to share the problem. As a result, your customers will be incredibly impressed and satisfied when getting the consultation.

Skillful and quick response

Many approaches can handle each customer problem. A successful customer supporter can point out what approach is appropriate and resolve the issue tactfully.

Insight understanding of company’s products and services

Understanding every angle about the company products or service will help the whole supporting process faster and easier and give a good impression in the customer’s mind.

Sympathy and Persistency are critical to deal with the human problem

Sometimes, actively listening is not enough, but sympathy with the customer’s pain will be the key to solving the problem.

Every customer should be treated properly, depending on their personality, to maximize the consulting efficiency. Grasping their emotional feelings and choosing a suitable style to address their problem will eventually get their satisfaction.

So, how can the customer consultant do the job efficiently with the above skill sets?

Four steps to get the customer’s heart

Having the mentioned skill sets are just the beginning. The following vital thing is creating a professional customer care procedure and training your staff. Here are the core principles that help your customer department be a star in your customer’s eyes.

Always control personal mood in any situation.

Embarrassing situations are unavoidable when solving people’s problems. However, a professional consultant will know how to control his tension, maintain positivity, and be open to any challenge in any circumstance. Positivity is critical as it helps resolve any problem without causing any hassle for both sides.

Proactively contact the customers.

With loyal fans, it is necessary to proactively reach them to introduce new products, services, or the most recent promotion campaign. This tactic will make your customers feel close to your company. However, it’s prudent to apply to the right audiences appropriately to avoid reverse effects.

Respect the customers

More than just behaving with dignity and respect, always make your customers feel that they are important and meaningful to your business.

Always acknowledge customer feedback.

It’s not just about making your customers feel comfortable and respected. Sometimes this feedback can possibly come from the company’s shortcomings. By listening to and taking note of those opinions, businesses can ultimately improve the quality of their products and services and increase their revenue!

The importance of customer care to business revenue performance

The ultimate goal of every activity a company does is to drive revenue. Customer care is no exception.

A business with excellent customer care can outrank other competitors on the market.

For example, many teeth braces services nowadays produce similar quality and price. So what will be the factors that help you stand out?

A possible answer lies in after-sales service! Today, consumers not only appreciate the quality but the service experience is also important because many users use it as a core criterion to choose the product or service.

When taking care of the customer properly, the first visible effect is that the growing number of customers increases gradually. Nevertheless, this also helps businesses build a loyal customer base, creating a stable revenue stream.

Customer satisfaction is an essential factor to help grow your business and stand out among many on the market. Caring for customers is a relatively stressful job and requires many skills and knowledge, but word-of-mouth marketing always starts from your customer satisfaction.

Hopefully, Jenfi can provide you with valuable tips to enhance your customer service quality and eventually apply these tips to get more revenue with minimal cost!

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