Asia’s most flexible growth capital.

Fund marketing, inventory, and more, on your terms.

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How It Works

Four easy steps to unlock your growth potential

Apply Online

Our fully online application process is fast and secure. We'll provide you with a decision in as little as 24 hours

Use Funds

Qualify for up to $500,000 and grow sales faster with dedicated funds to spend on marketing.

Flexible Repayment

We'll simply take a small % of your revenue to repay the funding. With no fixed repayment date.

Grow Even More

Qualify for additional flexible finance that allows you to grow even faster.

We're reinventing growth capital

Jenfi offers companies an unfair advantage by funding their most productive growth activities while offering more flexibility than other options.

Jeffrey - Jenfi Founder

Flexible Repayments

Companies we back, grow an average of

+8.1% per month (that's 156% annualised)

Our financing model is 100% flexible to your sales and growth potential.

We'll recoup our investment by taking a fixed % of your sales. This is much simpler than repaying a lump sum.

Know the full cost up-front with a flexible repayment date.

Thousands of digitally-enabled businesses in Asia serviced by Jenfi

Financing Fee Calculator

Your Offer

Target Repayment 4 months 5 months 6 months
Advance Amount
Fee 7% to 12% 8% to 15% 10.5% to 18%
Total Repayment
Monthly Repayment 4 months 5 months 6 months
Revenue Share (%)
Estimated Monthly Payment
Target Repayment
  • Advance Amount
  • Fee
    7% to 12%
  • Total Repayment
Monthly Repayment
  • Revenue Share (%)
  • Estimated Monthly Payment

Why founders choose Jenfi

Businesses today are built differently. They should be funded differently.

Convenient Access

Get instant access to funds for your growth and marketing expenses.

Dedicated To Your Growth

Accelerate the growth of your business with up to $200k to spend.

No Hidden Suprises

Know the full cost up-front with a flexible repayment date.

Save Time

Skip a visit to the bank with an effortless 100% online application process.


No dilution, collateral or personal guarantees required.

Winning Together

We empower businesses to take their companies to the next level by creating a long-term partnership with everyone we work with.

How fast can your business grow with dedicated funding?

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