Jenfi empowers founders by providing a secure way to grow their business and fund their marketing and growth expenses without hassle

We power founders to grow faster

Asia’s most flexible growth capital.

Jenfi provides revenue-based financing for startups and digital businesses across Southeast Asia. Unlike traditional sources of financing that requires you to either give up a portion of your company (equity) or stringent covenants (bank loans), Jenfi provides an innovative alternative that allows businesses to invest in recurring growth activities to realise their growth potential without the hassle of financing through traditional methods. Use Jenfi to invest in Growth Activities, from funding your monthly Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns to stocking up on your best-selling inventory to seasonal growth campaigns now when you want to, not when you need to.

Our Core Values

Everything we do is to help founders thrive

  • At Jenfi, everything we do is focused on creating an environment where founders and businesses owners can maximise success
  • Our no-equity, no-security approach means you own more of your business
  • Our flexible terms mean aligning repayments with your actual performance, so you have peace of mind to operate your business

Our Story

Jenfi was born out of frustration with the existing funding options available to entrepreneurs

Jeffrey Liu experienced the same struggle as many business owners when developing his first company, a fitness subscription company named GuavaPass in 2015. He faced difficulties securing financing to scale his business and did not want to rely on collateral or bank loans. After years of frustration, he decided to create a financing platform that would directly help other business owners avoid the same struggles of accelerating the growth of their businesses.

Southeast Asian countries have seen the proliferation of lending fintech startups targeting small and medium enterprises, with most of them opting for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms. At Jenfi, we wanted to do things a little differently by providing revenue-based financing, focusing on funding marketing, inventory, and growth campaigns. We use a growth perspective when offering credit to businesses, particularly digital businesses and startups that may have fewer physical assets to put up for collateral, while many entrepreneurs are not qualified for old school underwriting due to lack of credit. Our underwriting model ensures that a business only takes what it needs in terms of financing. We have the mantra that too much leverage with weak or declining sales is a recipe for disaster.

Jeffrey Liu


Jeffrey Liu is the Founder and CEO of Jenfi. Jeff brings a strong operational and financial background from GuavaPass, where he served as the Co-founder & CEO in 2015, scaling the business across 12 markets in Asia and the Middle East before selling to ClassPass in 2018.

Before that, he led Corporate Development at BeachMint, a venture-backed social e-commerce company in Santa Monica.

Jeffrey launched Jenfi to assist digitally enabled businesses, such as e-commerce, online service businesses, and high potential startups, to accelerate their sales velocity by funding their marketing, inventory, and growth campaigns.

Justin Louie


Justin Louie is the co-founder and CTO of Jenfi. Justin brings a strong product, engineering and technological background from GuavaPass, where he served as the CTO in 2015.

Before these roles, Justin founded Artscience.io. A home automation product. A virtual home butler that controls your appliances automatically via presence and voice. He also founded Archlabs.io, a machine learning for banking news and customer up/cross product selling.

Justin co-founded Jenfi, focusing on building software to underwrite digital businesses in Asia faster and to manage the financing life cycle for all business partners to ensure success.

Jenfi in Numbers

+8.1% per month

Average rate of growth for companies we back.


Number of e-commerce and digital businesses served in Asia.

$25,000 - $250,000

per advance (multiple tranches available to high performing companies)


Average return on investment in Growth Activities
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