Same growth product, now with multiple drawdown advances.

Access funds as you need them, without having to apply for additional financing each time.

We power founders to grow faster

Our Boost product takes your growth to the next level

Boost Capital offers a higher funding amount than our core product, in the form of a master funding limit, giving you access to even more non-dilutive financing to fuel your growth.

Boost offers flexible financing solutions that allow you to choose the funding option that best fits your business needs.

This includes non-dilutive financing options for companies looking to raise larger amounts of capital without giving up equity.

Get funds. Invest. Grow. Repeat.

Unlock your path to success with flexible growth capital.

Spend more on growth

In just a few clicks access funding to increase your return on investment, spend more on seasonal campaigns and reach new customers.

Flexible financing

We’re the first revenue-based financing platform to exist in Asia. Your repayment fluctuates with your revenue.

Winning together

We're committed to helping founders realise their goals by being an ally and creating a long-term partnership with everyone we work with.

How Jenfi Capital Compares

Jenfi BoostJenfi CoreBank Loans
    No undrawn fees
  No commitment fees
  Quick access to funds
  No collateral required
  Revenue-Based, non-
  dilutive funding
  Higher single master
  funding limit
  Multiple drawdowns

Jenfi Boost offers a higher funding amount than our core product

In the form of a master funding limit, you’ll get access to even more non-dilutive financing to fuel your growth.
Our underwriting process is quick and efficient, with funding available in as little as one business day, thanks to our advanced technology.

We're reinventing growth capital

Jeffrey Liu Jenfi

Co-founder and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Jenfi provides founder-friendly revenue-based financing to rapidly grow startups and digital businesses in Southeast Asia.

Say goodbye to rigidly fixed repayment plans. Our signature “Growth Capital as a Service” (GCAAS) offers significantly more flexibility by charging a flat fee and tying repayment amounts to actual business performance, based on an agreed-upon percentage of revenue.

We fund a wide range of marketing, inventory, and growth activity from funding your Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns to stocking up on your best-selling product.

Digitally-enabled businesses, such as eCommerce, software-as-a-service (SAAS), retail, and other high growth businesses looking to accelerate their sales are eligible.

It’s easy! Eligible companies can apply for funding via our online application in a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up online for a free Jenfi account
  2. Connect revenue data sources (eg. Stripe, Braintree, Shopify, Shopee, etc.)
  3. Connect marketing data sources (eg. Facebook and Google ads, etc)
  4. Connect or upload company bank statements
  5. Upload company registration documents
  6. Receive your financing offer from Jenfi
  7. Accept your offer and complete eKYC
  8. Complete the signing of the Jenfi agreement online and receive your funds in your company bank account within one business day of signing

Qualify for up to $500,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Companies we back, grow an average of +8.1% per month.