Frequently Asked Questions

About Jenfi

Jenfi provides founder-friendly revenue-based financing to rapidly grow startups and digital businesses in Southeast Asia.

Say goodbye to rigidly fixed repayment plans. Our signature “Growth Capital as a Service” (GCAAS) offers significantly more flexibility by charging a flat fee and tying repayment amounts to actual business performance, based on an agreed-upon percentage of revenue.

We fund a wide range of marketing, inventory, and growth activity from funding your Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns to stocking up on your best-selling product.

Digitally-enabled businesses, such as eCommerce, software-as-a-service (SAAS), retail, and other high growth businesses looking to accelerate their sales are eligible.

Applying for funding

It’s easy! Eligible companies can apply for funding via our online application in a few simple steps:
  1. Sign up online for a free Jenfi account
  2. Connect revenue data sources (eg. Stripe, Braintree, Shopify, Shopee, etc.)
  3. Connect marketing data sources (eg. Facebook and Google ads, etc)
  4. Connect or upload company bank statements
  5. Upload company registration documents
  6. Receive your financing offer from Jenfi
  7. Accept your offer and complete eKYC
  8. Complete the signing of the Jenfi agreement online and receive your funds in your company bank account within one business day of signing

Qualify for up to $500,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Companies we back, grow an average of +8.1% per month.

Unlike traditional banks, we support startups and businesses spanning a wide range of sectors.
Key criteria include:

  1. Incorporated business entities operating in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, or Indonesia
  2. Individuals or sole proprietors are not eligible
  3. Have at least six months of verifiable revenue activity
  4. Have verifiable spending on repeatable growth activities
  5. Director(s) must be signers and able to complete KYC requirements
  6. Digital-native (digitally enabled) businesses are strongly preferred
  7. Businesses operating in certain sectors are not eligible (eg. gambling)
There is no paperwork or lengthy application. You can apply via the Sign-Up button on our website: https://jenfi.com/

You can expect a proposal within one working day after completing your online application. Missing or incomplete information will require additional processing time.

After accepting and signing the Jenfi agreement your funds will be with you within one working day.

About Jenfi’s Loans

No, we don’t take equity, personal guarantees, warrants, or hidden fees. Hence, there is no risk of dilution.

We do not currently offer a physical credit card. However, a virtual Visa card is available upon request. This can help facilitate online card-based transactions (eg. Facebook and Google ad spend).

We charge a flat fee, there are no additional fees charged in the standard offer. There are no surprises, you’ll know the full cost up-front.

We understand your sales will fluctuate each month, so our repayments are based on an agreed-upon percentage of sales. There is no fixed repayment period and no additional fees are charged on top of this.

The repayment period varies depending on the percentage of sales charged and the actual sales performance.

There are no set criteria based on the percentage of revenue. The total amount offered is based on our underwriting system.

There are absolutely no hidden or additional fees charged. Late fees are assessed for delinquent behavior.

There is no fixed tenure with Jenfi. Most companies are able to fully repay the Jenfi advance within three and twelve months.

Jenfi offers capital from roughly $5,000 USD (or currency equivalent).

The maximum amount offered is based on our proprietary underwriting system.

Funds will be disbursed directly into your company bank account.

You’ll receive the funds in as little as one working day of signing the Jenfi agreement.

While there is no minimum revenue requirement, we require at least six months of verifiable revenue activity to assess an application.

Companies generally deduct the percentage of sales from their revenue-generating accounts (eg. bank accounts, eCommerce merchant accounts, online payment processor account) and make periodic transfers to Jenfi as agreed upon.

Yes, you are welcome to repay early and there will be no penalties for early repayment.

Managing your account

Jenfi Insights is a cutting edge analytics platform that helps you scale better and faster. With cross-platform actionable insights, you can measure the impact of your marketing and sales efforts across various channels.
We need to verify your business performance. Once you’ve connected your accounts we will assess and provide an appropriate offer geared towards accelerating your growth.
We take customer privacy and data security seriously. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to ensure critical safeguards and protocols are in place.

How fast can your business grow with dedicated funding?