How Jenfi helped to increase marketing and scaling business development initiatives.


How Jenfi helped to increase marketing and scaling business development initiatives.

About A School For Tomorrow

A School for tomorrow is a global education network that supports students, educators, and school leaders to thrive in a new world environment. A School For Tomorrow supports the work of CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education in providing research-driven personal, professional and school development programs designed to prepare human beings to learn, live, lead and work in their world.

Founded in 2020

Q. How is Jenfi helping you obtain your goals?

Most notably, the funding that has been provided by Jenfi has allowed our organistion to increase marketing and scale business development initiatives. 

It has been an extremely positive experience working with the entire Jenfi Team. They have been extremely helpful, and were able to work with us closely and understand our marketing needs. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Jenfi.

Matthew Donlon, Business Operations and Development -- A School For Tomorrow


A School For Tomorrow needed funds to improve their marketing efforts, increase marketing spend and scale business development initiatives.


Jenfi and A School For Tomorrow worked together to understand the company's marketing needs. Jenfi’s support allowed A School For Tomorrow to increase meaningful leads to their website, bringing down their cost per lead while also increasing their marketing return on investment. 

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