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How Jenfi helped GrabJobs to achieve profitability faster.


Jenfi allowed GrabJobs to raise funds needed to continue growing during the pandemic.

About Grab Jobs

GrabJobs is an end-to-end Hiring Automation platform enabling employers and job seekers to connect seamlessly. GrabJobs develop technology that helps companies automate the repetitive and time-consuming stages of the recruitment process.

Founded in 2016

Q. How is Jenfi helping you obtain your goals?

“Jenfi allowed us to raise the funds we needed to continue growing during the pandemic. Thanks to these funds, we achieved profitability faster.”

Emmanuel Crouy - Co-founder & CEO


The pandemic has sent shock waves through the jobs economy. Employment sectors have been impacted to varying degrees, both positively and negatively, and large sections of the population have shifted to working remotely. Funding was slower due to the pandemic, and GrabJobs wanted to continue their fantastic scaling efforts without letting the events of 2020 slow them down. 


Jenfi granted GrabJobs the funds needed to continue growing during the pandemic. Clear communication, flexibility in the arrangements and the speed the funds were provided allowed GrabJobs to achieve profitability much faster than expected.

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