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Why Revenue-Based Financing for Digital Businesses?

Performance-Based Funding

Repay a percentage of your monthly revenue with Jenfi. Enjoy the freedom of flexible repayments, especially during periods of slow growth.

Fast, Non-Dilutive Capital

Access quick financing without giving up equity. Our solutions are tailored to digital businesses seeking efficient growth without the constraints of traditional equity financing.

Use our growth capital

To manage cash flow gaps, whether your business needs it for digital marketing, inventory or expanding into new markets.

Transparent, One-Time Flat Fee

Bridge cash flow gaps effortlessly. Jenfi's financing can bolster your working capital, ensuring uninterrupted operations and the ability to seize growth opportunities.

Who We Fund

Digital Business

We fund e-Commerce and SaaS companies, D2C brands, mobile apps, or any other digitally-enabled businesses.

Registered Company

If you are a Registed Pte Ltd or LLP entity, then you qualify for Jenfi’s funding.

Proven Track Record

Have at least six months of verifiable revenue activity and repeat growth or marketing costs.

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Target Repayment
Target Repayment4 months5 months6 months
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Monthly Repayment
Monthly Repayment
Monthly Repayment
Revenue Share (%)
Revenue Share (%)4 months5 months6 months
Revenue Share (%)
Advance Amount
Advance Amount
Advance Amount
Estimated Monthly Payment

Your Offer*

Target Repayment
  • Advance Amount
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  • Total Repayment
    Total Repayment
Monthly Repayment
  • Revenue Share (%)
    Advance Amount
  • Estimated Monthly Payment
*Actual financing fees may be significantly higher or lower depending on the outcome of the credit risk assessment performed by the Jenfi team. Please contact our team to learn more about what you may qualify for.

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Hear from our clients

Their team understood the unique needs of our industry and tailored a financing plan that aligned perfectly with our sales cycles. Thanks to Jenfi's support, we've been able to scale our inventory, launch new product lines, and seize market trends with confidence.

As an online business owner cash flow management has always been a challenge. Jenfi stepped in with a financing solution that felt like it was designed just for us. Traditional financing options often came with rigid terms that didn't align with our subscription-based model.

The fact that our repayments are tied to our revenue created a sense of partnership we’ve never had with other lenders. We've been able to stay ahead in a competitive landscape and continuously innovate. If you're a SaaS entrepreneur searching for funding that aligns with your vision, Jenfi is a no-brainer.


What is Revenue-Based Financing?

How It Works

Four easy steps to unlock your growth potential.

Apply Online

Our fully online application process is fast and secure. We'll provide you with a decision in as little as 24 hours.

Use Funds

Qualify for up to $200,000 and grow sales faster with dedicated funds to spend on marketing.

Flexible Repayment

We'll simply take a small % of your revenue to repay the funding. With no fixed repayment date.

Grow Even More

Qualify for additional flexible finance that allows you to grow even faster.

Thousands of digitally-enabled businesses in Asia serviced by Jenfi

Flexible Repayments

Companies we back, grow an average of +8.1% per month (that’s 156% annualised)

Jenfi-backed companies experience incremental sales growth of 8.1% per month on average

Frequently Asked Questions

Jenfi provides founder-friendly revenue-based financing to rapidly grow startups and digital businesses in Southeast Asia.

Say goodbye to rigidly fixed repayment plans. Our signature “Growth Capital as a Service” (GCAAS) offers significantly more flexibility by charging a flat fee and tying repayment amounts to actual business performance, based on an agreed-upon percentage of revenue.

We fund a wide range of marketing, inventory, and growth activity from funding your Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns to stocking up on your best-selling product.

Digitally-enabled businesses, such as eCommerce, software-as-a-service (SAAS), retail, and other high growth businesses looking to accelerate their sales are eligible.

It’s easy! Eligible companies can apply for funding via our online application in a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up online for a free Jenfi account
  2. Connect revenue data sources (eg. Stripe, Braintree, Shopify, Shopee, etc.)
  3. Connect marketing data sources (eg. Facebook and Google ads, etc)
  4. Connect or upload company bank statements
  5. Upload company registration documents
  6. Receive your financing offer from Jenfi
  7. Accept your offer and complete eKYC
  8. Complete the signing of the Jenfi agreement online and receive your funds in your company bank account within one business day of signing

Qualify for up to $500,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Companies we back, grow an average of +8.1% per month.


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